Print Or Perish—Why Printed Material Still Matters

Print Or Perish—Why Printed Material Still Matters

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Social media and the rapid rise of mobile usage—mentioned in our post “Mobile Trends And Tactics To Get Your Business Noticed”—has led some marketers to focus solely on digital marketing and wrongly assume that print no longer matters. Your business still needs printed collateral and here are 25 reasons why. Compared to online information, a majority of readers across all age groups consider print material to be

1. Reading
2. Re-reading
3. Perusing long documents—because the reader can move forward/backward easily and because s/he knows exactly where the manuscript ends
4. Careful reading, when more than skimming or scanning is required for retention
5. Highlighting key passages
6. Taking notes in the margins
7. Turning down page corners to mark important information
8. Sharing
9. Archiving and storage
10. Teaching—learning (understanding, use, and retention) “takes” better from paper than a screen
11. Retaining information—this is especially true for visual learners and those with photographic memories who recall material based on where it resides on a physical page
12. Understanding presentations—print adds another dimension to audio and visual learning
13. An aging population to read

14. Secure
15. Relaxing to actually read
16. Informative
17. Credible—readers don’t believe everything they read online
18. Personal, especially when the reader’s name is included
19. Environmentally friendly because most print is on recycled or partially recycled paper and only requires an energy source to read in the dark—which can’t be said for many devices
20. Pleasing to the senses—the feel and smell of the paper/pages do matter

21. Mentally and physically challenging to navigate because no scrolling is involved
22. Likely to be lost
23. Distracting than a device that interrupts the reader with messages and alarms
24. Demanding of a power source to charge/recharge before reading
25. Detrimental to the reader’s health—print causes less back pain, eye strain, headaches, and sleep disturbances than electronic devices

Many members of your target demographic spend significant time on PCs, smartphones, and tablets and yet they gravitate toward print. Give them the best of both worlds. Direct readers to your website where they can choose from a print copy or an online version of your article, book, podcast transcript, survey, white paper, or other marketing content that promotes your brand and meets your audience’s needs.

Make your printed content pop with these services from Tate Design:
Brand Development & Corporate Identity — the name, logo, and tagline you will want to appear on all your printed material
Graphic Design – the printed collateral itself, which includes ads, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, manuals, newsletters, packaging, and stationery
Copy Development – copy for the materials mentioned above

Print is not dead and your marketing campaign doesn’t have to be either. Call Tate Design at 610.725.0702 or e-mail to create print materials to promote your business.

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