Productivity Apps And Tools For Your Life

Productivity Apps And Tools For Your Life

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We’ve talked about productivity tools for your business but you have another 8 to 16 hours of your day where you could also be more efficient. These tools and apps might give you more work-life balance, more to talk about when you are networking for business, and more time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

• Evite
This is a quick way to invite friends and acquaintances to informal gatherings (and those who only respond once they know who else is going to be there can see your guest list).
• Meet-up
Try this to facilitate networking in any one geographical location.
• Social media platforms of your choice
You don’t have to be active everywhere—choose what appeals to you and your close friends and/or those you like spending time with and hang out there.

Good food, fast
• Food delivery services
If you are fortunate enough to live in one of their almost two dozen metropolitan test markets, Amazon Restaurants will deliver food to PRIME members from any one of hundreds of area restaurants.
• Grocery shopping and delivery services
Depending on your zip code and the participating grocery stores in your area, you may have options like Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry, ClickList, InstaCart, and PeaPod.
• Take-out food apps
Speed up ordering and checkout at your favorite places by using their app. Unfortunately, even with an app, Starbucks delivery is currently only available to tenants of the Empire State building in NYC.

Fitness tracking
• Apple watch
• Fitbit watches and activity trackers
• Garmin activity trackers
A daily commitment to fitness activities—like walking 10,000 steps per day—can make you happier, healthier, more creative, better able to sleep at night, and more focused at work.

Personal growth
• Amazon PRIME
Membership includes access to free audio and e-books, podcasts, A PRIME membership entitles you to free books,
• Audible
Listen to books on tape and learn.
• Duolingo
Learn one (or more) foreign languages.
• GoodReads
Explore the world through books.
• Library card
Take advantage of all your public library has to offer. The Chester County Library System here in southeastern Pennsylvania includes an outstanding business center at their Exton location/the District Center.

Personal money management
• Mint
• Quicken
Both of these are designed for ease of keeping track of personal finances.

• Airbnb and Booking
Use these for booking place to stay.
• Airline apps and App in the Air
These can provide real-time flight updates, gate info, and more.
• Hotel apps
Some guarantee the best price; others offer upgrades or special perks.
• Kayak and Wego
Do your comparison shopping with a reliable app.
• Lonely Planet guides
Go with those who have been there and then wrote about it.
• PA Turnpike’s Preferred Traveler’s tools
Get text alerts about travel problems—for instance, you’ll want to know there is no gas available at the New Stanton service plaza while you still have other options.
• Translation tool
You choose depending on the language you need. Google Translate is an option if you have Internet access.
• Travel+Leisure app
The magazine now has an app and lists of favorites for all sorts of things to make your travels easier or more fun.
• XE Currency
Use this for calculating exchange rates.

Now that you have made your personal life more productive, make your business marketing do more for you, too. Call Tate Design at 610.725.0702 or e-mail for strategic marketing, web development, and graphic design.

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