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If you are only using Twitter to post links to your own content—on your website, in your blog, from your newsletter, and on your other social media platforms—you are missing out on opportunities to show your customers a little love. Like constantly talking and never allowing anyone else to speak, this leaves others with a poor impression of you. Here is how to use Twitter to make a good impression, engage with local customers, encourage conversations, build brand loyalty, and show your love and appreciation.

First, stop broadcasting only about yourself and your business. There is a place for that, but it is not your starting point. Instead, take an interest in your customers. They will love you for it.

Second, start listening. Use Twitter’s advanced search and keywords related to your geographic location and industry to see what concerns your neighbors and potential customers are voicing right now. Monitor your brand to discover what is bothering your current customers.

Third, respond quickly and appropriately. You can offer
• An apology
• Assistance
• Directions (the how-to variety)
• A discount
• Encouragement
• A free product or service
• A refund
• Tickets to a special event, etc.
For example, if you are a restaurant owner and see a tweet about “looking for a romantic setting,” you could tweet back “we’ve reserved a table and a dessert for two for you.” If you are a florist and see a complaint about flowers being left out in the elements, you can respond with your shop’s guarantee to deliver personally. If you are jeweler, tweet that “our customers brighten our lives” and encourage them to come in for a free ring cleaning. If you offer products in multiple flavors or colors, ask people to post pictures with their favorites, with or with the promise of a future discount.

Fourth, be your best self. Let your sense of humor show. Be an encourager. Make the world a better place. Be kind and loving. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and respond like you would like to be treated. Refrain from unnecessary newsjacking—where you use every trending news story as a lead-in to promoting your product or service—but do respond with compassion and understanding in a crisis.

Fifth, use the increased character limit (280 characters) to convey a clear, useful message about you and your brand. You can now respond more fully to questions, inject more humor into conversations, and direct customers to the resources they want and need. Go ahead and link to content on your blog, in your newsletter, on other social media platforms, or on your website when it provides the answers your audience seeks (this is where broadcasting your stuff is okay). They will love you for solving their problems and/or making their lives easier.

If this seems overwhelming, don’t be discouraged. Tate Design can help with all your social media marketing.  Call Tate Design at 610.725.0702 or e-mail to add a little love to your social media presence.

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