Social Media Usage Continues To Climb—Are You Rising To The Challenge?

Social Media Usage Chart - Popular Platforms

The Pew Research Center recently released their report on social media use in 2018. As expected, social media use among adults in the United States continues to rise as it has every year since the Pew surveys began in 2012. This is the percentage of reported use for the most popular platforms:
• 73% YouTube
• 68% Facebook
• 35% Instagram
• 29% Pinterest
• 27% Snapchat
• 25% LinkedIn
• 24% Twitter
• 22% WhatsApp

These statistics do not tell the whole story however. Looking closer at the demographics in the study
• Facebook usage was fairly consistent across age groups under 50 with
80% of 18-24-year-olds
82% of 25-29
78% of 30-49
(and 65% of 50-64 and 41% of those 65+)

• YouTube usage was similarly steady until retirement with
94% of the 18-24 age group
88% of 25-29
85% of 30-49
68% of 50-64
40% of 65+

• Highly visual egocentric social media sites Instagram and Snapchat were especially popular with 18-24-year-olds with 71% of them using Instagram and 78% of them using Snapchat. Compare this to
54% 25-29
40% 30-49
21% 50-64
10% 65+ using Instagram
and 59% 25-29
26% 30-49
10% 50-64
and 3% 65+ using Snapchat

• Pinterest, while still a highly visual platform, requires one to pin other people’s content instead of selfies so usage is down across the younger age groups:
31% of 18-24 demographic
39% 25-29
34% 30-49
26% 50-64
16% 65+

• Twitter saw
45% usage with 18-24 year-olds
33% 25-29
27% 30-49
19% 50-64
8% 65+

• LinkedIn and WhatsApp share very similar numbers.
Linked has 25% of 18-24 year-group
34% 25-29
33% 30-39
24% 50-64
9% 65+
and WhatsApp has 25% 18-24 age
31% 25-29
32% 30-39
17% 50-64
6% 65+

Social media users visit one or more of their favorite sites at least once per day. Facebook users are the most loyal, with 74% checking in daily and 51% checking in multiple times during the day. Snapchat is a close second with 49% checking in multiple times and 63% doing so at least daily. Except for Snapchat, each social media platform had the highest percentage of users in the “post college” and “income of $75,000+” categories. For Snapchat, the winning categories were “some college” and “$30,000-$49,999” so an individual in your social media audience is a good prospect, with both the education to understand what you offer and the means to make a purchase.

As this research indicates, maintaining a vibrant online presence can be a challenge. How and where your present yourself online may influence your business results. Tate Design is here to help you create a good first impression with your branding and corporate identity. Our social media marketing services include
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